Fanning the creativity flames – wee one gets a costume

So, it’s been quite the hiatus. Random creativity pursuits here and theres. Lots and LOTS of full time mom-ing, not so great at self care. Then came the request from wee one. It went something like this:

“Mama, I want to be a Koopa Paratroopa for Halloween.”

*Does a few google searches for costumes*

me: Well, sweetie, I’m not seeing much available…How about Wendy Koopa or Bowser? they’re all in the Koopa family…

“Nope. Koopa. Paratroopa. With wings.”

me: Oof…*glances at calendar, notes that it’s late September* um…

“Mama. You make stuff. Can’t you make this?”


Well, of course, that did it. I had a deadline, motivation, and the hopes and dreams of a cute lil girl with a lot of moxie riding on a good, handmade costume. And I’m proud to say, I rose to the challenge.

I used some guides via Pinterest and the Googles: (carboncostume and, and got to work.



***See Full Koopa Troopa Album Here***

She loved it. I loved it. The shell itself now hangs outside of her closet because, sometimes, she just likes to wear it. Ever since, I’ve been slowly, but surely, getting back in the game. I forgot how good it felt to create, and I’m excited to see what’s next.