About Me

Sweetfructose is the plushy brainchild of crafty mama, Chellise. Hi there!

I’ve kind of been hoarding my handsewn creations for a few years. every now and then, i’ll open the crate of plush to admire them and once i’m done, i quickly put them away. sort of like the end scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but not as cavernous.

I’ll admit, i’ve been shy about showing off my creations. a few years back when i went to art school, i shared one of my early plushies by centering a project around it, only to be told by the teacher that it was, ahem “only suitable for a novelty shop such as [store that shall not be named but was big in the mall in the 90s] and would probably never be suitable for the masses”. Gee, thanks teach. Mind you this was also before handmade goods exploded onto the masses, so yeah. But that’s when i decided that making plush was going to be a part of my life. in spite of that guy, but mainly because i love it.

once my little jellybean came along, it all became kind of clear: i wanted to make things she’d have fun playing with, but also to teach her how to see the fun in everyday things & to never stop playing and using her imagination, even when she becomes an adult. sure it all started as a secret hobby, but i want her to know that just because you get older, you don’t have to lose any awesomeness. yep. awesomeness is a word.

to my shock & awe, once the creations were revealed to the rest of the world, people loved them! i have been lucky enough to be included in the Plush You exhibition in Seattle, not once, but twice!

so there ya have it! i’m a shy, crafty mama of one, making handsewn plush and soft sculptures in the wilds of Ohio. i will be listing new creations every now and then, see keep your eyes peeled!

About my plushies:
every one is hand-stitched. yep. every one. even though I may duplicate some items & patterns, they may vary a teeny tiny bit [which btw makes yours unique & just for you]. they are lovingly put together by hand- stitch by stitch. If you snag yourself a one-of-the kind item? Well, guess what, lucky butt? You’re super special. Go ahead and brag to everyone you know.

i hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them


Have a question for me? Like something you’ve seen on the site? Feel free to contact me:

sweetfructose [at] gmail.com

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