Zissou was right – part 2

The cute part:

So in times of great change, I am the great distractor. Should be packing a box? Nah, how about we sew. Clear out the clutter? Hmm, now is a good idea to inventory my threads.

My point is? I made some cute.


Bunny donuts of various sizes

In an attempt to curb stress eating and distract myself from this huge impending change, I combined two of my favorite things – a bunny and a donut. Did it work for the craving? No, that’s silly talk. But it resulted in this cuteness, so it wasn’t totally futile. From the top- bunnykin (bunny donut hole), bunnynut (regular size bunny donut), and super bunnynut (super-sized bunny donut).

Ill have better pictures of them all once I unearth my camera from whatever moving box it found its way into.

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