Zissou was right – part 1

This is an adventure.

The emo part:

In a few days, we will be leaving Ohio. Bittersweet would be the best way to describe it (mostly because I prefer to use food words to describe feelings).

What was once a place two carefree kid-adults (kiddults?) came to pursue new opportunities became the place we set down roots. The place where we got married. The place where we started a family. The place where our oldest jellybean had her first day of school.  The place in the background of our pictures and beat memories.

Ive been in deep denial of our big move for a few weeks. We’re now at the point where, and excuse the bluntness, but sh*t just got real. Tomorrow movers are coming to pack up our belongings. Im trying to stay sane by finishing sewing projects and keep a smiling face for the girls’ sake. For all of its imperfections, I am struggling with letting go of this house and this town. Romanticizing & nostalgia have always been my strengths.

So, Ohio, it’s been a rough road at times, but I will miss you. I can see why LeBron wanted to come back. Be
nice to him.


Via skeletor is love

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