Elusive: a tale of childrearing & creativity

Hi. Hello. How’s it going?

I know, I know. No, this blog hasn’t been abandoned. Well, not totally. If it helps, I’ve been blogging mentally for a long while. Most mental entries revolve around children’s cartoon shows, and my scathing critiques of certain episodes. Do you want to hear my opinions on Caillou? How i feel about the Fresh Beat Band switching Marinas out like no one would notice a new redhead? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Besides, I end up tweeting those random thoughts anyway. And really, what exactly is the end game with Special Agent Oso? Is there a market for a super helpful teddy bear espionage? Snarky-snark.

I took a not-so-brief hiatus from logging my thoughts. At the time, I had a not so great phone, and limited computer time…that’s not even really a great excuse. Honestly, I got caught up in hanging out with my kids. They are awesome and fun (read: chaotic whirlwinds composed of sticky fingers, glitter, sonic booms of squeals and infectious laughter).

Is it all easy-breezy? Nope. But it’s kind of dumb to expect it to be. Most nights, after the girls go to bed, I find myself lost in the wonderful world of Pinterest, where everything is perfectly lit, dressed, & presented deliciously. It’s modern day meditation. Instead of focusing on babbling streams gliding past, it’s a never-ending timeline of wonderful pins. Why yes, I would like to learn how to make a fire using common household items. Sure I can make that triple chocolate cupcake, right before I work on toning my buns. Oh Pinterest,  you’re my best good friend. That sounds creepy. Sorry, not sorry.

Other nights, I’m much like Goldie Hawn in Overboard, staring off into the distance, muttering to myself, trying to shake off enough of the residual energy still hanging in the air to enjoy the calm and quiet of the night. It’s a hard transition to make.

Crafty pursuits are saved for when impulsive fingers aren’t grabbing at my sharpest tools: nighttime. Sketches get doodled on whatever pieces of paper are handy – side note, why is it, no matter how many sketchbooks, notepads, etc you have, you can never find one when ideas hit? – Pieces of felt land around me as I turn drawings into reality. Fiberfill & discarded thread blow around at my feet. By the time it all gets vacuumed up the next day, it looks like several pillows had a party, then exploded. As one does, after a party…I imagine. Parties are for those who have energy. My parties consist of me (and the hubs) watching marathons of tv series & drinking homemade green tea lattes, but I digress. *introverts for life*

My point being, after a day of chasing kids around, trying to relax, create, and veg sufficiently,  I realize how late it is, and how much sleep I actually need to be a good [level-headed] mom the next morning. Disappearing for a spell while I worked out the kinks in scheduling. My bad. But not really. Cute things were made, some of which you will see soon.

In the meantime, I’m still here, making with the cute, lurking in the shadows,  mulling over where I can find a decent pair of high waisted shorts and Hello Kitty Vans in adult sizes, and raising two kick-ass little girls.

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