Plush You 2012

*Sweeps cobwebs away* Helloooo?  Oh, hey there you are. Hello.

So it turns out this has been slumbering in the drafts bin for months and months. Whoopsie. At least I found it now, right? haha…sigh.

Let’s all think back to a simpler time. The year was 2012. The month? October. The place? Seattle, Washington. The occasion? Plush You 2012.

Now I couldn’t make it in person, but I sent 3 plushes to Seattle to celebrate the occasion:




I have a bunch of new things on the horizon for 2013. Some little things, some fun things. Good things to come, especially now that I have a real craft desk again. I mentioned that I gave birth to 2 days after we moved in to our new home, right? Fun times.





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